There’s an ever growing list of world class players switching to the AxeFX. Look below to see which New Zealand guitarists are using the Axe-FX II.



Heavy Metal Ninjas, Kora

"…. having ridiculously good tones and effects, that, until now, your mind could only have imagined ……. with the Axe FX II, I have it all ……. Portability and consistency in the studio and live shows ….. coupled with the MFC-101 …… my dream rig is no longer a figment of my imagination."



Saving Grace

"The Axe FX 2 is my studio rig, my live touring rig, my practise rig and absolutely everything in between. My entire setup has been replaced with a portable 2 unit rack system, which will ensure I can travel with my tone selection no matter where I go! The Axe FX 2 sounds AMAZING"